Random project ideas

Genres random ideas and brainstorming

Smokers – project I wanted to do for ages now – (social commentary)

People and their pets (social commentary)

WC around the city bars – guess which bar is this toilet, like a game or something for fb

Fashion Portfolio

People’s bedside draws speak about their personalities

Right angles project


What do You see?

So what do you see in these?? Leave me a comment…

Your answers will revel insights into your subconcious thoughts… Just kidding 😉

The Selby Project – amazing environmental photography by Todd Selby

In his own words “Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. ”

wow – I love this … I could spend hours browsing through his website!  It’s a perfect marrige of interior design and photography that is marketable yet still mildly artistic (covering all of my 4 great loves:)… I would really like to do something like this myself however I need to figure out how to differentiate myself somehow.

Drive By Shooting – Community and social photogoraphy

This series was shot in Otara (Pacific islander and Maori community) from my car.
I felt quite uncomfortable with a good dose of adrenalin driven excitement. I felt like I was intruding into their world. Like a spy. I felt ike I was doing something wrong! Seeing how these people live, what they do, the expressions on their faces, their body language was a sneak peak into the other world (otherness I believe is the term:).

Lesson learnt: Getting out of my comfort zone and doing something very different every once in a while can be very exciting and fun. Also sometimes the things/tasks that sound unexciting at first, can, if you decide to just do it and put all your energy into it, can actually turn out to be quite fun and intriguing … assumptions suck, lose them!

Jim Goldberg – Raised by Wolves

from magnum photography website:

“Raised by Wolves” documents the lives of teenage runaways who live on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Recorded between 1987 and 1993, Jim Goldberg was on the California streets photographing and interviewing his adolescent subjects, their social workers and the police. They all lend a distinct dimension to the harrowing picture of American urban life, and the adversarial institutional culture surrounding it.

A combination of photographs and video stills, found documents, and handwritten texts by the subjects themselves create a scrapbook of the stark and unsparing lives. At its heart, this book is a compassionate and moving study of adolescent life in America, of displaced and misunderstood youths. It reveals the myriad traps which are set by drugs, violence, and exploitation, and the ultimate longing for happiness. “

Social photography – It’s all about the story…

Today I realised that social photography and photography in general is all about storytelling. Humans have the strange obsession with stories, it’s evident through mythology, movies, books, music, newspapers, and, as I just realised, photography! We know that the world is expansive yet we onlyget to live one type of life (so to say). So through storytelling we get to experience, discover and ‘live’ many different lives.

When we see a photo on it’s own without the narrative and background story, it just does not have the same emotional effect as it does when we know ‘the story’. James when asked why you like this photo said ‘just because it’s cool’…no emotional attachement. Matthew on the other hand talks about a portrait he took “this guy, I’ll tell you about him….” We appreciate it more, we look at it from a different perspective and emotions are evoked when we know what the story is. Emotional reaction is the ultimate goal… With that said it’s important to also note that emotional reaction can be provoked through aestetic elements – beauty in itself is enough to provoke emotion.

Point-of-interest – photographing nature and landscapes

Lesson learnt: I made an interesting discovery at the shoot today. It’s that landscapes on their own (as breathtaking as they look on-site) do not make for the most interesting photos. There needs to be an object that acts as a ‘point of interest’ in order to produce the compositionally exciting photograph. The photos I selected here all have a point-of-interest besides the natural landscape and none of the landscapes that looked the most beautiful at the time made the cut.